Current Investments

Johnson City, TN

Founded in 2009, Stealth Belt invented the leading support belt for ostomy patients.

As many as one million people in the United States have ostomies and more than 120,000 new surgeries are performed each year. It can be challenging to return to a normal lifestyle after ostomy surgery. Stealth Belt provides products that enable patients to be very active including swimming, running, biking, surfing, etc.

The company manufactures and sells a variety of standard support belts as well as highly customized solutions for patients with complex needs. Stealth Belt directly serves customers throughout the US and in more than 50 other countries and sells through select distributors as well.

Hurdle Barriers acquired a controlling interest in Stealth Belt in 2016. Since then, we have provided capital and operations support with resulting annual sales growth rates exceeding 35%.

“Partnering with Hurdle Barriers enables us to achieve our common goals of helping people return to an active lifestyle after surgery. The wisdom and advice of HB LLC is instrumental in exceeding our growth expectations. Their operational expertise allows us to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. The diverse skill set they bring to the table helps Stealth Belt to reach our goals and those who need us.”

Richard P. O’Hamill, CEO
Stealth Belt Inc. Est. 2009

Brighton, England

Comfort Belt was founded in 2012 and has become one of the leading ostomy support garment companies in the UK.

Hurdle Barriers facilitated Stealth Belt’s acquisition of Comfort Belt in early 2019. The combined companies now have distribution points in Europe and the US as well as manufacturing operations on both continents.

Comfort Belt Limited Est. 2012